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Three Drunk Midgets


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Pancho's Playhouse


Hey kids, welcome to my playhouse.  I'm Pancho the Bull and I might be a midget, but I don't fuck around.  I enjoy wrestling with my friends and hanging out with the three drunk midgets.  One of my best buddies, Bert, came over the other day with his muppet buddy Elmo and we had one hell of a party.                                                                            


Elmo was the life of the party. 

Bert got busted with drugs.  Kids, let this be a lesson to you...drugs are bad!

Bert's Mugshot

We had a really good time, and Bert should be out of Jail as soon as his buddy Ernie gets his Social Security check.  Ernie and Bert get really good weed.

My friend, Tom Thumb showed up at the party too.  Tom likes to dress up like a woman sometimes, I don't mind as long as he stays out of MY panty drawer.  Anyway, Tom is a famous midget wrestler and he hangs out at the gym alot.  He has alot of little friends.



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