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Three Drunk Midgets
political AsyluM


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Welcome to political asylum.  Here you can voice your opinion, create ideas to help save this planet of ours from destruction, or........just smoke a fatty and laugh at this stupid shit.


" Where's my Doughnut? "



Pardon me, But do you know the way to the Sanitarium?


Where'd Ya Stash The Dope, Ya Hippie!???

Mail from some of our subscribers:

"Dear three Drunk midgets, I feel like right now is a good time to smoke a joint.  Fuck Bush and all this bullshit, I just wanna get stoned. "
  - Stoned on Parole

Dear Stoned on Parole,
We agree with you and we are rolling a fat one at this very minute.  Fuck Bush and his Dog.  Let's get high as Giraffe Pussies.  God Bless America.
3 Drunk midGets

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"Dear Three Drunk Midgets,  I live on the planet Nermatxz and I find your political banter amusing and alluring.  Maybe we can get together sometime when I come to Earth to visit my brother, Rodney.  I'll bring the beer if you guys get the weed.  Call me at: *$@>~77-!#*%)$%^^491 and leave a message with my mom."
 - Zwertnar Louise

Dear Zwertnar,
We called that number and it connected us to a Domino's Pizza in Cleveland.  We have your brother, though.  Please pick him up at your earliest conveinence, as he has torn up the back yard digging a "Hole to China."  He owns a lighter store in the suburbs, so he'll have gas money home.  SMOKE OUT!!!!!!!!
- ThrEe dRunK miDgEts

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Dear 3 Midgets,
What's happenin baby?  Tell all my fans out there that I'm still alive and shakin it in Idaho.  I have a secret potato ranch in the valley.  You guys know where it is, remember that time?.....hehe...well,  me and the Keebler Elves have teamed up to make Keebler Elvesis' Chocolate Houndog Potato Chips, look for them in the store soon!  Hey, here's a pic of our financial aid administrator, Richard.  He's cool, baby.
Thank you,
Thank you very much,
The King
p.s.  when you guys comin out this way again?

Keebler Elvesis Idaho Plant
Grand Opening 2003

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